Co:Mission Giving Fund

The Co:Mission Giving Fund

Simplify and maximize your giving. When you open a Co:Mission Giving Fund, you have the resources at your fingertips to give like never before. It’s smart, convenient, and powerful.

A giving fund is an IRS recognized account that gives tax deductible advantages while retaining the ability to direct assets to specific charitable organizations. Commonly called a Donor Advised Fund, assets are maintained by a section 501(c)(3) organization called a sponsoring organization. The Co:Mission Foundation serves as your sponsoring organization and works to ensure the assets placed in your fund reflect the true fair market value. We then work with you to direct those assets to the Kingdom building ministries of your choosing.

How a Giving Fund Works

“It’s like a charitable checking account” said one generous giver. You place assets in your Giving Fund, receive a charitable tax deduction, and recommend distributions to your favorite charities.


Consider the Benefits

Your Co:Mission Giving Fund streamlines the giving process with easy online access, helpful tax benefits, and investment options that help you build God’s kingdom.

Experience the convenience

Take advantage of your Co:Mission Fund’s secure, user-friendly Dashboard to monitor your account activity and research charitable organizations through GuideStar, a non-profit search engine. Your Co:Mission Giving Fund allows you to experience giving in a whole new way while supplying you with the resources to stay connected to ministries doing vital work all over the world.

Support Christian Ministries

When you partner with Co:Mission Foundation you know you are part of a fellowship of Christians committed to living out Biblical stewardship principles. Co:Mission only makes grants to Christian ministries and public charities that are compatible with Biblical values.

Give Anonymously

If you choose, you can keep your name and personal information confidential by recommending charitable grants be made anonymously.

Create a family heritage

Name account advisers and select successors, such as family members, who have the ability to recommend grants today and can also continue your charitable legacy beyond your lifetime.

Co:Mission Giving Fund Tax Benefits

Simplify record keeping
Co:Mission Foundation provides you with IRS-ready tax information; you can receive one tax receipt but support multiple ministries.

Receive an immediate tax deduction
Your contributions to Co:Mission Foundation are tax deductible in the year they are made.

Separate tax planning and charitable decisions
Co:Mission Foundation allows you to realize immediate tax advantages and recommend grants to specific charities later.

Donate appreciated assets tax-free
Contribute appreciated assets to your Co:Mission Fund and avoid capital gains liability when Co:Mission Foundation sells the assets.

Deduct most gifts at fair market value
When you contribute appreciated assets to the Co:Mission Foundation, you can deduct their fair market value from your taxes and avoid capital gains liability.

What Does a Co:Mission Giving Fund Cost?

There is no cost to open a Co:Mission Giving Fund. Once established, there will be a small assessment on the fund balance to cover operations (See Fee Schedule) and management. Your fund balance will also be invested to earn interest and/or grow the principal.

Your Co:Mission Giving Fund is a flexible and user-friendly system that gives you the power to leverage your giving and change the world today.

Who Can Use a Giving Fund?

Individuals & Families

Any individual or family can open a Co:Mission Giving Fund, and while you are helping others with your grants, you also pass on to your family valuable lessons in generosity. Create a sense of family service, pride and community concern with your loved ones.

Businesses & Ministries

Your business or organization can create a Co:Mission Giving Fund to target areas of support that meet your goals. Your fund is a way to set aside assets for community outreach programs and other efforts you choose to support.

A ministry may also choose to open a Ministry Advised Fund. This is a Donor Advised Fund that offers your ministry opportunities to engage your entire congregation, organization and staff in philanthropic decisions. Support missions, building programs, or assist other partner organizations. Co:Mission can help you identify responsible grantees for your fund.

Family & Private Foundations

Existing private and family foundations can take advantage of Co:Mission Giving Funds to encourage the participation of family members. Future generations learn not only the joy of giving, but they learn good financial management lessons as well. A Co:Mission Giving Fund also gives your family foundation a partner to perform the due diligence needed to review qualified grantees.

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