Asset Based Giving

Tangible Items

One of the most attractive features of a Co:Mission Giving Fund is that the donor is not solely limited to liquid (cash) assets.  Through a Co:Mission Giving Fund, other items can be given to achieve your charitable goals.

Tangible property can often be used to make charitable gifts. Watch Brief Video

Here are several that have been recently used to make charitable gifts:

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Give Smart: Give Stock

You want to invest in the ministries and causes you care the most about, but you want to make sure you’re doing this wisely. You can be generous and wise – it’s both smart and simple.

Consider donating securities. A gift of appreciated stock means that you may be able to avoid paying capital gains taxes while claiming a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value. Likewise your bond investment can pay healthy dividends to ministry. This allows you to steward your resources carefully while giving generously.

If you have appreciated stocks or bonds in your portfolio – NOW may be the time to make a gift. You may be able to leverage your generosity and reduce your tax obligation.

Give us a call at 855-266-4774, or e-mail to explore your options for donating your investments.

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Real Estate

Bless This House

Co:Mission Foundation has extensive experience and resources to help you use your real estate for your generosity goals. We listen to your needs, and will work with you to create new opportunities for income and giving. There is never any obligation, but don’t you owe it to yourself to discover how the land and buildings you’ve maintained may be used to their best advantage in meeting your charitable goals? We would be honored to help you.

The Co:Mission Giving Fund is just one way to convert real estate into a working gift. We can present you with several options. Contact us, and we promise to listen.

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Vehicles, Boats and RV's

Jumpstart Your Generosity

Your Co:Mission Giving Fund can accept vehicles of many types. Let your car, boat or RV add value to your Co:Mission Giving Fund and benefit your favorite ministries.

Donating a used vehicle is an easy, low-stress process. You don’t need to worry about lining up potential buyers, meeting strangers in unsafe environments or fixing broken parts. Co:Mission will handle all the details of the title transfer, and then provide you with the right receipts. The net funds then become a readily available asset of your Co:Mission Giving Fund.

You can begin the simple, easy process here.

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Bullion, Precious Metals, Jewelry

Silver, Gold, and What Matters Most

Precious metals and jewelry are by definition strong financial assets. Through Co:Mission, we work to ensure you get the true value of each item.

We will assist you in converting your precious metals and stones to cash and then add those proceeds to your Co:Mission Giving Fund. Start the appraisal process here, and see how to convert assets into ministry.

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Art and Collections

We Know Art When We See It

Paintings, sculpture, and certain collections can have value far beyond their original cost. Careful, professional appraisals are necessary ensure the complete intrinsic and message value are taken into account.

At Co:Mission Foundation, we work to understand the complete value of your art. We take stewardship of these assets as seriously as you do. We will work with your appraisers to ensure your treasures receive the correct value.

Let us show you. As always, you are never under any obligation. Know the value you will receive and how they will be used before you place them in your Co:Mission Giving Fund. Contact us here

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Business Inventory

Inventory for Faith

Liquidating inventory is part of doing business every day. Knowing you might be able to take those same assets and utilize them for ministry provides you with one more tool in your charitable giving toolbox.

We can help you make that transition when you donate your excess inventory to your Co:Mission Giving Fund. We will help determine if your inventory can be easily transitioned, and give you a straightforward assessment if it cannot.

Begin the process here.

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Life Insurance

Redirecting Insurance

Sometimes we outlive the need for insurance. We buy it to provide for family, business, and to be assured we will be able to meet living expenses. But as we grow older, often we live beyond the reason we bought the original policy.

Donating existing or new life insurance policies can provide you with immediate tax benefits and charitable dollars now or in the future. Please contact us at 855-266-4774 to discuss a gift of life insurance that can leverage your generosity.

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Grain Commodities

Reap More From What You Sow

You probably know you can lower your taxable income by making a charitable donation, but did you know we can accept donations of soybeans, corn or wheat? Here are the top 5 reasons for donating commodities versus cash:

  • Reduce federal/state income taxes as well as self-employment taxes (that alone could count as 3 reasons)
  • Deduct all of your operating expenses
  • Keep more cash in your pocket for next year
  • Reduce elevator and storage costs
  • Do something good for others (which you were probably going to do anyway)

At Co:Mission Foundation, we want to help you as you help others by accepting commodity donations. The donation can go to your Co:Mission Giving Fund or directly to a ministry of your choice.

We’ve even made the donation process super simple. Enter your donation on the commodities button, and we’ll handle it from here.

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Other Assets

You can upgrade your smart phone for Good! Donate your current smart phone to us and have a real impact in the ministries you love. And, yes, you also get the tax deduction. Your “newly outdated” smart phone is not obsolete or worthless – it can actually do real good right now.

Other electronic devices can also be put to work for your favorite ministries. Certain laptops, tablets, and music devices can often add to your fund’s value. Even un-used gift cards! You can begin the process here.

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