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At Co:Mission Foundation we strive to help you find the right charitable solutions for your clients’ generosity goals. We can provide illustration of specific giving concepts to meet specific needs, and then assist you as you walk through the planning and gifting process with your clients. Our staff has decades of experience in charitable gift and estate planning.

You clients need to be comfortable in your giving decisions, making certain they have taken care of all the important people, as well as helping the causes and ministries they want to support.

We can help you guide them through the charitable giving maze, to enhance their personal objectives. Based on your clients’ desires, we can help you tailor a program with illustrations that will:

  • Provide for their family’s needs,
  • Maximize their ability to give, and
  • Provide options as their goals change over time.

Through our estate and gift design services, your clients may even find it is possible to do more than they imagined. Contact us today to learn how we can co-mission with you and your clients!

Help For You

We want to provide practical and useful information and tools to help you educate and work with your clients to fulfill their charitable giving desires.

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